Wednesday, July 27, 2011

True love never depart.

He walks on the seashore thinking about his girl. Breeze softly brushed away his hair on forehead. He must be a son of wealthy man. It shows well from his way of behaviour. He was tall, fair, hazal green eyed with deep soothing mesmerising voice. His girl also same beauty as much him. We couldn't explain about her fairness. Both were have love on same things like riding bike, starring the moon long time at night, dancing in the rain, jazz music, dance etc. It might be one of reason for their relationship become strong ever. As he walks in the beach, her cute face came again and again. He laughed himself because of he failed to avoid her cool face. A little smile came out from his pinky lips when he think of his own angel who might have been come from heaven.

The cool winds hitting him. He was leaning there and gazing at sea. He took a deep breathe and closed his eyes. Smile were still on his face. He went back to the day when he met her for the first time.

It was a rainy day. Cloud surprisingly poured with its raindrops. Mist were spreaded all over place. People all urged to reach their places. He was walking there holding his umbrella on roadside. She came straight opposite to him enjoying in rain. Like a rainbow, she went in a minute passing him. But he stunned there stopping his walk. The umbrella had fell down from his hand. He was in full of drenched. When he approaches her, she also accepts his love. They had been inseparable. Both were made for each other, anyone can get jealous easily looking at them. Their life goes well till the day she dies by hitting a car.

She is no more on this earth. She asked a promise with him before leaving that he should be smiling all his life. As she said, every time he bring out smile by struggling. She may gone from earth but not her love from him.

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