Sunday, August 07, 2011

Life is so empty.

Sometimes life goes very bored.
We really doesn't know why
its seems like an empty box.
There is many questions
that we can never know answers.
Life brings much happiness one day
another day it make us down.

Sometimes we have been pushed to continue
life without joy is like
travelling alone in a desert.

There is few steps that left on seashore.
As I follow I could sense
a fragrance of something which
I can never point out exactly.
I walked searching with a curiosity
to know what it was.
The long walk that makes me tired.
Sun has fell down into the sea.
Birds were starts flying
towards their shelter.
Wind blows fast that makes
my hair brushed away.
The search still goes on.
Nothing I could able to see.
I became weak soon.
I was perspiring.
The heavy wind that thrust me forward.
Tongue dried, thirst starts killing me.
As I knee down on sand
felt again same smell.
The smooth mesmerizing voice
called out my name.
It was you who called me above from heaven.


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