Saturday, July 23, 2011

Memories haunt..

As I lay down on floor, memories were drifted back to the day we met. You are the one who lighten up in my dark days with your prettiest smile. You are the one who makes me to feel flying like butterfly. You are the one who always had kept twinkle star on those little eyes and it drives me crazy ever. You are the one who can give all the colors into faded life of mine.

I was like nothing now without you. Your absense has starts hunting me and I sat by window seeing outside. People all were happy in their life. But why not me?? Suddenly a calm voice called out my name and it starts disturbing me, because it was very familiar to me. I rolled my eyes to check who it was. The few steps had taken by me towards the voice that place were full of darkness. I was not able to see from where I had heard that special one's voice and I spread my hands on air over the place. Nothing there. I searched again and again, finally got tired of searching. As I knee down, I was perspiring and felt difficult to inhale. I thought like all the weirdst things happening only to me.

I failed to know who it was. That voice has still calling me out. Again my search was starts and end up in the corner of room. I could have been feel the days we spent together were lingering on four walls and its came near and round up me. Oh God, now I heard a laughing sound that followed by voice. I was looking at there. I could able to see a shadow of soul. I was shocked and shivered inside. It was you who stood in front of me. I felt like I wanna scream out loud. My face has been filled with sweat. Unexplained fears were captures me. I fall on asleep soon and the dark night is passing by slowly.

I guessed it should be a dream in morning. And begun to do my routine work. The incident has been killed me on a whole day. As I thinked too much, soon I get into headache. But something that never can explain. Its was not a dream at all. Its a memory of yours which recently have been start to hunting me.

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