Thursday, August 25, 2011

All I get was.

Mist spreads everywhere in the morning.
Birds are chirping.
Sun come up slowly by its brighten hands.
Trees dancing for a tune of wind.
I sit by window.
Thinking of the beautiful days
that we had spent together.
I love your eyes which shows my life.
I love your speech which makes me
feel secured and comfort.
You gave a smile.
It makes me insane.
The little things you do for me
makes fall again and again for you.
Days passed into months.
Months into years.
Everything seems to be new.
Time has separated us.
We were started travel opposite directions
searching our destiny.
I expected for sunshine.
All I get was wet on the rain.


  1. Beautiful and last line is awesome:)

  2. Liked the lucidity of feeling and the words! The final two lines are special:-)

  3. Nasnin. Thanks dear :-) ...

  4. Hi little heart..
    That was one good piece.. filled with despair..
    Everything remained the same, except the mind and eyes that sees it..

  5. KP ya thanks for commenting..

  6. Nice one.. Liked the last line very much :)

  7. rain is not bad though:)
    keep writing

  8. Hello "Little Heart" ~ it is clear that you have one BIG heart that has alot of beautiful pictures to paint with your words :)

    We all hope for our love to start and end in sunshine but as we travel that road of love, it can often end in rain ~ lovely writing :)

  9. pygmalion.. thanks for dropping by :-)....

  10. Lady fiona.. welcome to my space and thanks for comments :-)...


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