Saturday, July 30, 2011

Rain my soul.

today early morning,
my friend rain came to see me...
when ever i supposed to broke down,
its giving me a biggggg hug to overcome..
mist that were in leaves
had start to fell down,
i kept my hand in corner of leaves
to get mist on my finger..
as i take it in my little finger,
it has given a sudden chill to my hand...
wow wow..
a happiness that was murdered me
when its given a hug...

Rain announces its arrivals
through black sky,
the birds fast flying to reach their shelter,
climate that has changed to gloomy.
The heart would tune for a new song
when raindrops falling.
When you keeping out leg
on a rainyday
definately you will feel like
soaring high in the sky.


  1. You wouldnt sing this song if you were in mumbai right now.

  2. He he... When I read it I was seeing an image of a little girl, enthusiastically playing in rain..

  3. Yup rain always make us to play with it.. :-) ...


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