Sunday, April 24, 2011

Rainy days.

Its been raining from last week. I like rain so much, cant express my happiness on this days. I love to watch it, while its showering on plants which makes a flower as so beautiful. There is something magical on this days. I like to be hide under blanket and watching raindrops on window.

Raindrops its always make me feel fresh and happy. I believe to seeing the beauty on everything in the nature. Raindrops looked like tiny stars on the leaves.

The essence of rain is something that I have always loved. The minutes you step outside on a rainy day and inhale deeply, let the scent fill you up, you will experience the peace and you will feel definately soft like a flower in your heart. I felt like I wanna fly from Ground while walking in the rain.

Its always reminds me the days I had spent with someone special to me.
Rainy days always been a beautiful and fresh day than normal day.

Talking with the plants used to be a best timepass for me. Those were my soulmate. Hey my friend rain, please pour me some raindrops. I wanna be melt with your hug.:)

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  1. nice>>>>>>> er;-) rain drops r n ur blog too...........


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